Writing, ThinkPads, and Sims

Author: Bri

Hey there, readers!

I’m writing this before I go to bed, because I think it’s a good way to wrap up the night. I personally like writing but don’t give myself time to do it because I never get “inspired” to do so, which is a lame excuse. I was recently reading Stephen King’s On Writing and in there he set a writing schedule for the reader who wanted to write. One thousand words a day, every day, except maybe one day out of the week you get a break. He explained that the inspiration fairy doesn’t just come out when you want it to. It’s lazy and won’t do ANYTHING on its own. You have to write and do all the grunt work, and then things will start to kind of carry themselves. That’s what I try to remind myself (I did start a story, but I’m not sticking to the schedule well, if at all) when writing but I always sooner or later forget about the story and pick it back up when I remember. It’s a good hobby to get into though but I don’t believe it’s that easy to get to Stephen King’s status. However, he didn’t get there without a lot of passion and determination and learned experiences.

I’ve decided that instead of writing just a story I could start a blog, which will help improve my writing skills and I get to speak to you lovely people about my life and that of my boyfriend’s (Matt’s), whether he does or doesn’t want to share.

We usually spend time at his place because A) He has his own place, B) He has pets to look after (hereon mentioned as “children”) and C) He has really cool gaming/technology/fun stuff. I would list all the consoles he has and what his computer & laptops can do but I’ll save you guys the list. You’ll probably get an idea over the blogs I post.

Recently, he has become owner of two more laptops (ThinkPads) from Craigslist. The latest one he bought was for literally $20.00. It was posted as $30, but talked down the seller to $20. Great deal, right? Yes, actually, it really was. I believe it just needed a new fan and some other technological gizmos to make it super cool. If he wants, he’ll make a separate post going into detail about that project and the other most recent laptop he has obtained. 😀

So anyway, He offered his third laptop (the $20 one) to me. At first I said no, but I eventually changed my mind once he had the essential programs (Lightroom, Photoshop, office package). Then he loaded THE EMULATOR onto it and SIMS 3. How would anyone say no? I can play WHATEVER GAME I WANT whenever I want and he knows my deep love and connection with Sims ❤

So that’s the latest and greatest. I tried out Sims 3 on the laptop and it runs wonderfully! I haven’t noticed any lag and it’s just so fun. I only tried it out for a few hours Wednesday, but it’ll definitely get more play as time goes on. 😀

I’ll give you another blog post next Saturday!



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