Snow, More Videogames, and an Act of Kindness Gone Wayward

Hey peoples!

It’s Matt here.  Just throwing together a quick post to pass the time.  Work has been super slow due to the weather, so I’ve had a lot of free time.  Between this and Bri being laid off its been a rough stretch, but at least it gives us some time to spend with each other.  And that is pretty amazing.

Today was a pretty good day, woke up to my lovely lady and I can never stress how amazing that feels.  I quickly headed out to snow blow the driveway since we accumulated about 5 additional inches overnight.  Wish I coulda got to it before she came over though, haha.  But it was nice to get some fresh air.

Other then that we spent the day together, soaking up all the time we could get.  I showed her around her new computer a bit and we played Life is Strange for awhile.  Interesting game.  Then we moved onto Sonic Racing, exciting stuff you all want to hear about, I know.

Towards the night I decided to start her car for her before she left, so she would have a nice warm car to get into.  Sadly I didn’t quite understand how her key fob worked, and ended up locking her keys in the car while it was running.  Dumb of me, but it wont happen again.  We called AAA but they said it would take 3 hours to get there.  That was quite a bummer.  We called the local PD but they do not handle lockouts sadly.  My friend came over, whom I’ve been friends with many years, so I figured hey maybe he will let me take his car while him and another friend stay here and keep an eye on her running car, but I guess I’m not to be trusted with such things.  Oh well though, makes you re evaluate relationships with people I guess.  Eventually AAA did come much sooner then expected.  So it wasn’t a disaster.  We wanted to not be dicks and decided to tip, but all either of us had was a $20.  I still feel terrible for Bri blowing her emergency $20 on it, but you bet your ass I’ll make it all up to her.

Well, that’s the update folks, hope I didn’t bore ya too much.



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