Meals and Preparing For Birthday Celebrations

Author: Bri

Hello again!

Not much excitement has happened since the last post, except a complimentary dinner and milkshake from Matt (brownie fudge milkshake, yum!!!). I’m actually glad I’m no longer a “locked keys in car” virgin. My life is too safe 😛

Thursday morning I arrived at his place with a surprise breakfast of toast, donuts, and crispy m&ms!! I gnoshed everything down a whole lot faster than Matt. I’m not a big girl, but if the right food is in front of me, it’ll be gone ultra-fast.

I’ve been also been testing the ThinkPad he’s given me It’s working great and no problems with overheating has been raised so far  I still need to play sims on it, and get a controller so I can play tony hawk 3 against him via different houses (if.
possible). ALSO: Skype is better than ever with the ThinkPad’s webcam (and speakers). It’s a lot more finer than the webcam I bought a few years back (thank god).

Life is on the up and up, and to top it off, my sister is coming home this weekend to celebrate her birthday!! I’m so excited.
She’s 26 (You never heard this from me though….>.>)

Short explanation: Her birthday was in January, but because she’s just such a fabulous engineer at GM, they ask her (a lot) to work Saturdays, and even Sundays, so finding a weekend for her to celebrate her birthday is a little tricky. She usually knows by Thursday though if she’s working a Saturday, so she’s off the hook this weekend!!

I’ll post again Monday!


**Editor’s Note** Matt has just informed me Tony Hawk 3 is unplayable house to house, because the servers are long gone…because the game is 15 years old (whoops). LAN party a go-go.


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