Family, Celebrations, Diabeetiz, and Pugs

Author: Bri

Hello again!

So, this past weekend has been quite busy. My sister came home Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. She got to catch up with how work’s going (busy, but her work has put the employees on a temporary hold for working weekends, which has to give her some peace of mind) She is always enthusiastic about the latest project she’s working on and I love it, even if I don’t understand a lot of the lingo. However, my dad does because he’s also an engineer so that works.

She also brought my precious niece (Millie) over, so we had a fully grown pug running amok the household. Millie’s a sweetheart and VERY playful. I played fetch with her and made her chase her chew toy around while my dad and sister caught up about engineering stuff. I finally tired the pup out and used the rest of the night to catch up with my sister. We played War (card game, it’s simple but fun!) and gossiped.

Saturday was spent celebrating! In the early afternoon we took Millie for a walk and has she strengthened up! She walked a whole mile (maybe over, and a lot of it was uphill!) and absolutely had a wonderful time running through the snow. The snow’s been high so you can imagine how humorous it looked with her small body in over a foot of snow. (Luckily Saturday and today were 47 degree F days so a lot has been knocked down!)

I helped my mom wrap our gifts for my sister to open – I got her a french bulldog cookie jar, filled with cookies of course! We also baked some Funfetti gooey bars (see recipe here), which I’m sure gave me Diabeetiz. The night ended with a fun round of Life, the board game. Yeah, I wish Life was that easy, but I lost (and kept having kids, yikes!!).

I lost at Life.

Sunday was pretty relaxing and we made birthday brownies for my dad and sadly said farewell to Millie and my sister as they made their way back to Toledo. Millie’s going to have a brother soon! A fawn pug will be at the Toledo home sometime in the spring. I’m so excited!

This upcoming week will start off busy – two interviews and a much needed day spent with Matt. Oh, and Valentine’s Day is Saturday! We both understand it’s just a hallmark holiday but it’s fun to do something with the person you love regardless. I’m not against spending more time with him!

Hope you readers enjoyed your weekend!


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