Winter Continues, So Adulthood Takes A Break

Author: Bri

It’s been quite cold over here in Cleveland. Negative degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures is a normal occurrence. It snowed more on Sunday and after Matt took care of his driveway (there’s so much snow, we’re literally running out of space to put it) by bashing ice chunks into shovelable pieces, he said fuck it. Let’s be kids. He fell backwards in the snow and started making snow angels. I happily joined him (It was cold and I couldn’t lay as long as he did). And then our snowball fights (with Buddy joining us) began. The backyard was about 2 feet in snow depth!

It was a much needed reprieve from adulthood. To be honest, I get upset time to time because I didn’t hear back from my dream job, or I haven’t had an interview go well, or that I’m just sick of waiting to get my job and get that “adult life” going. It was fun to just have FUN. I really needed the break from adulthood. If it’s not biting cold on Wednesday (it looks like it will be though, sadly) sledding is a planned activity!

So go outside and build a snowman, make snow angels, have a snowball fight, go sledding!! Then go inside and make hot chocolate. Live on easy street for a couple hours. It won’t hurt ya.


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