Sickness, Relationship 101, and Buddy

Buddy with his human, Matt.
Buddy with his human, Matt.

Author: Bri

Sorry I’ve been away pretty much a whole week. I had to heal from a cold but I’m right as rain again and got to hang out with Matt Saturday. We’re also hanging out Sunday. I had an interview on Thursday for a firm not too far away. It seems like a great choice so far and hope I get another interview with the attorneys. I think then there’d be a third and final interview, but alas, what do I know what their plan is? I really really really REALLY hope I get it. If I do, I’d be working for three (gasp!) attorneys, which is new to me but I think I can handle it as long as I do my thing by being organized and prioritizing and communicating. I have no problem communicating…okay. In the workplace I don’t, but in a relationship it’s different. I’m just so terrified of starting a fight or someone getting mad at me. I have a lot of work to do on this. I should practice what I preach. Matt is nudging me along though and sometimes with an exasperated sigh “That’s why we talk, so this doesn’t happen”. I make things a bigger deal than it is sometimes, and it can make matters worse. However, I’m trying to learn from my mistakes, though I think I’ve already made this mistake once in the past already with him. I appreciate his patience with me tremendously and his willing to work on this with me!!

Now, about the kids. Well, Buddy and Riley are doing fine! Buddy was unfortunately abused when he was younger and the animal warden managed to save him. Happily, Buddy chose Matt soon after as his owner and they’ve been together ever since! In since Buddy’s a rescue, he can get easily anxious about things but he’s improved a lot with Matt, and I’ve even seen an improvement since I’ve been with Matt. For instance, one of Buddy’s fears was a certain doorway in Matt’s house. We’re not exactly sure why, but he would not go through it from the kitchen to the living room. Going through it the other way was not a problem. After time passed with consistent training, Buddy OFFICIALLY doesn’t have a problem with going through the doorway 😀 Usually it takes a treat to entice him though but que sera que sera. He’s an amazing dog and Matt’s an amazing owner. The two are inseparable!

I think I’ve rambled enough for now, but I hope you readers are doing well!


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