Life Lessons and Another Birthday!

Author: Bri

Hey readers!! I know I’ve been MIA for a little while, and I apologize for that.

First, let me rant just for a little bit in since this just happened. I have a credit card, as I’m sure many of you guys do. I once in awhile check the statements (not as often as I will be from now on though!) for any weird activity or something similar. Right after I paid my last month’s statement, a fee came up from the company in the amount of $19. That’s odd, because when I signed up, I had no annual fee. I sigh and prepare to do battle via phone with customer service. I was lucky and it went smoothly (so far!). It went something like this:

“Hi, I was reviewing my statement and I see on February X, I was charged a $19 fee?”

“Oh yes, that’s the annual credit card fee, but you can waive it”. Right now I’m confused as hell. Waive it? Why was I charged with this fee then if I can just waive it?? I’m trying to wrap my head around it.

“Uh, yeah that’d be great…” And right now I start asking if this will affect me negatively somehow. She says no, and that I’ll be credited the amount in 3-5 business days, and that I’ll receive something in the mail within 60 days with the new terms AKA I won’t be charged this annual fee any more.

I’m still very wary on this and will keeping a closer eye on my statements from now on! It’s autodeduct and all so it’s easy to let things slip in.

Honestly though, this is plain robbery! What the fuck are you charging me a fee for if I can just waive it? And $19 x millions of people who I’m sure do business with the same company. I’m sure they get away with a lot because a lot of people don’t check their statements.

Life Lesson learned: Check bank statements, credit card statements, and all other bills CLOSELY and OFTEN.

Now, onto more happy news!

Yesterday was Matt’s birthday!! We went to Melt for dinner and had a good day overall. He had breakfast and then went to a shooting range with his dad. Afterward, we hung out at his parents’ place and had cake. I like his parents a lot, very good people!!

Second Life Lesson: Simply put, surround yourself with people who care and are there for you always. They’ll surround you anyway, so anyone who don’t want to be close to you will be obvious and will fade. Less stress. Positive vibes, always!

Switching gears, Matt got an new bike, gps system, AND a bike rack He went on his first real ride today. I’m so excited spring has finally arrived for us! I’ll need to start going for walks and photos again. I used to run but it’s just not fun for me any more =( Matt says he’s willing to be my running buddy.:D  The color run is in June so who knows what will happen this summer! I’ll also bike with Matt this year so I’m really really really excited!!

I’m so glad warm weather is finally here. I’ve missed it so much ❤

What are your guys’s spring/summer plans??


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