About the Authors


Me w camera

She’s a 90’s chick and isn’t planning on learning any pokemon past the original 151. Brianna grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and doesn’t think she’ll be moving away from her home city. She grew up with a passion for writing but never took time to build up her skills until recently. After graduating from college with an Associate’s in Paralegal Studies, she’s been working in various law firms in the Akron area but trying to find a place closer to the heart of Cleveland. In her free time, she enjoys harassing her boyfriend, playing with her 4-legged children, photography, and going outside for a walk or run.


Matt with volvo

He was born in the late 80’s and is the poster “boy” for such interests: boomboxes, 80’s music, and cars in the 80’s (though he’s into cars from other eras too). Proud owner of two 1990 16-valve volvos and his 4-legged children, Buddy (his pup pup) and Riley (his cat). He loves animals of all types. He also loves photography and traveling. After graduating from high school, Matt delved straight into work and is now employed at a private street sweeping company which covers most of Northeast Ohio. His hard work always pays off and he’s happily living on his own in a small city just outside of Cleveland. He is a true gentleman to his lady and believes that family always comes first.


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